Kakheti is a historical province in Eastern Georgia. It is bordered by

  • Russian Federation, from the north.
  • Azerbaijan, from the Southeast.
  • Georgian province of Kartli to the west

The major river of the eastern part is Alazani, while that of the western part is the Iori. Kakheti is well known as the homeland of Georgian wines. As it is considered, Alazani Valley is the cradle of winemaking.

Brief History of Kakheti

Kakheti is Georgia’s biggest region by area, taking in the entire eastern part of the country. The landscape and climate varies dramatically from the high mountains of Tusheti in the north to the semi-desert landscapes of Udabno and Vashlovani in the south. In between, the Alazani River and its wide valley cut through from north to south, carving out dozens of different microclimates that provide the perfect conditions for cultivating grapes. Georgia has more than 400 endemic varieties in total, many of which grow (or once grew) infertile Kakheti. Today, this remains Georgia’s premier wine region, responsible for around 70% of the country’s harvest. Archaeological evidence dates Georgia’s winemaking tradition back to the 6th millennium BC, predating the earliest wine production in France by more than 5,000 years. Wineries in Kakheti continue to live out this legacy. They vary from tiny family operations that stick to time-honored natural winemaking methods to large commercial wineries that employ a mix of Qvevri and European-style techniques. Aside from vineyards, Kakheti is known for its medieval monasteries and hilltop churches, many of which date back to the 5th or 6th century when Kakheti was its self-governed kingdom. Wine cellars feature prominently in some of the oldest and most revered, including Alaverdi and the cave monasteries of David Gareja in southern Kakheti. Wine and religion are closely intertwined, with some of the country’s best-loved vintages bottled by monks. Winemaking, toasting, and drinking are all tied inextricably to the nation’s history, folklore, and religion. When you visit Kakheti, not only do you get to taste Georgian wine, but you also get to immerse yourself completely in these cultural elements. Some travelers only have time for a quick day trip from Tbilisi to Kakheti. If your Georgia itinerary allows, I highly recommend a longer sojourn in wine country. Three days is the perfect amount of time.

Why Travel to Kakheti?

Nature – located in the is part of Georgia, distinguished by diversity. Tsiv-Gombori range divides the regions into two parts Inner and Outer Kakheti. Inner Kakheti is greener  – famous for its endless wineries, while the outer Kakheti is drier, represented by half desert. From the north, it is proudly overlooked by the main Caucasus range, as if guarding every grain of grapes grown in the Alazani Valley. Despite its arrogant views, the Kakhetian Part of the Caucasus mountains hides inside the pearl of Georgia -Tusheti.

Net of rivers coming from both ranges and cutting on pieces the Alazani valley,  vineyards of inner and Wheat fields of outer Kakheti, best views from Sighnaghi and Telavi, and untouched Tushetian mountain nature will become an indelible memory for you!

Cuisine – Talk about Kakheti and do not mention barbecue ( mtsvadi), it is a universal crime. You can not taste such a delicious barbecue as in Kakheti, in any part of Georgia. They grill the barbecue on grape branches. So, it’s a secret of amazing taste.

Also, I especially mention Chakafuli. Made from tarragon, freshly picked plum, and beef or lamb. For me, this food is the best in Georgian cuisine. If you want to know the taste of real Chakaful, you should try it in spring, and definitely in Telavi.

It is impossible to talk about Kakheti cuisine if I did not mention Bozbashi (beef soup) and Chikhitma (chicken soup). Even Georgian famous writer – Ilia Chavchavadze mainly describes these two foods in his story “Is a man a human?!

If I do not mention Khashlama (boiled beef meat), I will not be able to escape the wrath of the Kakhetians. In short, this food is like a postage stamp for Kakhetians.



Capital Telavi
Municipalities 8
Area 11,310 km2
Population 2020 estimate 310 051
ISO 3166 code GE-KA
Website www.kakheti.gov.ge

Regions of Georgia

Wine – Kakheti is the cradle of wine. The winemaking tradition here dates back to 6000 BC. The traditional method of making wine is in clay pots called qvevri. The art of making qvevri is passed down through generations and is a UNESCO heritage. Today Kakheti wine-makers use both the traditional and European methods of winemaking and have a fascinating variety that is getting noticed in the international wine market. Georgian orange wines have been recommended by the Washington Post and many wines have won international competitions.

Today, more than 70% of Georgian wine is produced in Kakheti, making it the nation’s leading winemaking region. Approximately 80 different grape varieties are found in Kakheti, the most well-known ones being Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mtsvane Kakhuri, Khihvi, and Kisi.

The main red variety is Saperavi – a grape variety grown in different regions, and in some of them, like Napareuli, Mukuzani, and Kindzmarauli the name is protected according to the area in which the wine is made (i.e. a wine can be called Napareuli only if it was made in Napareuli).

The main white varieties are Rkatsiteli, which, like Saperavi is grown in some areas which protect the name, like Tsinandali, and other grape varieties such as Mtsvane, Kisi, and Tsitska.

People and hospitality – Kakhetians are very hospitable people. Any host dingy, without any rush, will make a delicious table (supra) with the best wine. You will not find a family in Kakheti that does not have at least 100 liters of wine to meet a guest. This is not surprising. Kakheti is the cradle of wine!

There are plenty of reasons why travel to Kakheti, So It’s always better to check on your own than to listen to or read narratives.

Tours in Kakheti

Main Sights of Kakheti

  • Telavi
  • Signagi
  • Kvareli
  • Vashlovani national park
  • Lagodekhi protected area
  • Tusheti national park
  • Batsara reserve
  • Black Rocks Lake
  • Rocho Waterfall
  • Ninoskhevi waterfall
  • Eagle Gorge
  • Gareja Desert
  • Lake Ortskali
  • Lake Oreti
  • Khadori Waterfall
  • Kilakupra mud volcanoes
  • Kakliskure

Map of Kakheti