Nestled within the breathtaking Lagodekhi National Park is the awe-inspiring Gurgeniani (Ninoskhevi) Waterfall.  This natural marvel offers a sanctuary to witness rare and indigenous flora and fauna, making it a remarkable destination. Established in the year 1912, Lagodekhi National Park stands as Georgia’s premier nature reserve, teeming with ecological wonders.

A Brief Explanation of Gurgeniani Waterfall

The adventure commences at the Gurgeniani Information Center, the gateway to an unforgettable journey. As you follow a winding path along the banks of the Ninoskhevi River, the symphony of flowing waters, punctuated by charming small waterfalls, colossal stones, and the invigorating valley breeze, weaves a tapestry of attraction and fascination. The trail stretches for a delightful 9 kilometers, promising a memorable exploration.

This ravine, rich in biodiversity, introduces you to a captivating array of plant species. Among the natural gems, you’ll encounter Lagodekhi gentian, Lagodekhi snowdrop, Julia’s primrose, capers, phloem, chestnut, and the iconic Georgian oak. Keep your eyes open, for the Lagodekhi Protected Areas have an abundance of interesting plants. Lucky wanderers might also come across the enchanting roe deer, majestic deer, or even a wild boar. Lagodekhi’s protected territories are indeed a treasure trove of wildlife and nature’s surprises.

Gurgeniani Waterfall, standing tall at 40 meters, unveils a sight of unparalleled beauty. For the adventurous at heart, the opportunity to ascend to the waterfall’s zenith and gaze upon the Ninoskhevi River’s dramatic descent from the 40-meter precipice is an experience to cherish. However, this path to the waterfall, while rewarding, is not for the faint-hearted. Inexperienced hikers should be prepared to navigate the river’s crossings along the way, adding an element of challenge to the expedition.

In conclusion, Gurgeniani (Ninoskhevi) Waterfall within Lagodekhi National Park is a natural masterpiece that marries splendor and serenity. Its scenic beauty and ecological diversity offer a haven for explorers and nature enthusiasts. This destination promises not just a journey but an unforgettable experience, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to connect with the wonders of the natural world.

Infrastructure around the waterfall

  • Accommodation: Nestled at the beginning of your Gurgeniani waterfall adventure lies accommodation options in the charming village of Gurgeninai. Welcoming you with open arms, Gurgeniani boasts several guesthouses and cozy cottages, including the renowned Reserve Resort Lagodekhi.
  • Information Center: As you prepare to embark on your Gurgeniani waterfall adventure, a wise first step is to pay a visit to the Lagodekhi Protected Areas Visitor Center. Located in Lagodekhi, this center serves as a valuable resource. Here, you can acquire informative maps and receive expert advice to enhance your hiking experience towards the waterfall.

How to get there

  • Public Buses: Local buses run between Tbilisi and Lagodekhi regularly. Head to the Ortachala Bus Station in Tbilisi for buses to Lagodekhi. Buses usually depart in the morning and take around 3-4 hours to reach Lagodekhi.
  • Private Car: Renting a car is a convenient option, providing flexibility and the ability to explore the region at your own pace.
  • Shared Taxis: Shared taxis are a common choice in Georgia. They are faster than public buses and cost-effective when traveling with a group.

Tours via Gurgeniani Waterfall

Useful Tips

  • Trail Length: The 9 km trail offers a scenic journey. Wear comfortable hiking attire.
  • River Crossings: Expect to cross the river several times. Adequate footwear is essential.
  • Botanical Wonders: Keep an eye out for unique flora, including Lagodekhi gentian, Lagodekhi snowdrop, Julia’s primrose, and more.
  • Wildlife Encounters: The area is rich in wildlife; be respectful and cautious.
  • Essential Gear: Carry hiking essentials like first-aid kits, insect repellent, and suitable clothing.
  • Weather Awareness: Be mindful of weather conditions, as they can impact your journey.
  • Challenging Path: The path to the top is not recommended for inexperienced hikers.
  • Photography: Capture the breathtaking waterfall with your camera.

Gurgeniani Waterfall on a Map