LOCATION: Village Manavi, Sagarejo Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia

CONTACT: Giuaani
Village Manavi, Sagarejo Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia
+995 322 040 020

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In the heart of the historic village of Manavi, nestled within the picturesque Kakheti region of Georgia, lies Giuaani Winery. Here, amidst the lush vineyards and the backdrop of centuries-old winemaking traditions, our story unfolds. It’s a story of heritage, innovation, and the pursuit of crafting exceptional wines that pay homage to ancestors while embracing the advancements of modern technology.

A Brief History of Giuaani Winery

Giuaani’s Winery journey into the world of winemaking began in 1894 when the first roots of Giuaani wine were planted. Fast forward to 2014, and the Giuaani Winery was born. With a vision to elevate Georgia’s wine production to new heights, our founders embarked on a mission to harmonize ancient winemaking methods with cutting-edge technology.

At Giuaani Winery, you stand at the crossroads of time, where tradition meets innovation. The winemaking process encapsulates the essence of Georgian winemaking, embracing the use of clay jugs known as qvevri. These ancient vessels, buried underground, create a unique environment for the production of our distinctive amber wines.

Your commitment to crafting exceptional wines begins with the selection of the finest grape varietals grown in the ancient village of Manavi. Here, the fertile soil and favorable climate provide the perfect conditions for nurturing grapes of unparalleled quality.

At Giuaani Winery, quality reigns supreme. Production capacity may be limited, but it allows the company to focus relentlessly on ensuring the highest quality. No stone is unturned in the quest for excellence, enlisting both local and international experts to meticulously oversee every step of the winemaking process.

The main goal of Winery is simple yet profound: to create wines that captivate, wines that become beloved, favorites, and indispensable to all of our patrons. With a commitment to preserving tradition and embracing innovation, Giuaani Winery stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Georgian winemaking.

In conclusion, Giuaani Winery is not merely a winery; it is a custodian of Georgian winemaking heritage and a beacon of modern winemaking prowess. With each bottle, you are invited to savor the flavors of legacy and experience the timeless art of winemaking.

Exploring the Surroundings of Giuaani Winery

Giuaani Winery not only offers exceptional wines but also provides a delightful experience in its enchanting surroundings. Discover the infrastructure around Giuaani Winery that enhances your visit:

  • Vineyard Tours – Embark on a guided tour through our lush vineyards. Learn about the grape-growing process, the different grape varieties, and the meticulous care that goes into nurturing each vine. It’s an educational and picturesque journey.
  • Restaurant and Cafe – Indulge in delectable cuisine at onsite restaurant and café. Chefs craft dishes that pair perfectly with our wines, offering a complete gastronomic experience. Enjoy a leisurely meal with scenic views of the vineyards.
  • Wine Shop – Take a piece of Giuaani Winery home with you. Wine shop features a wide selection of wines, allowing you to purchase your favorites and share the experience with friends and family.
  • Scenic Picnic Areas – Enjoy a picnic amidst the vineyard’s beauty. Giuaani Winery provides designated picnic areas where you can unwind, savor a glass of wine, and soak in the tranquil atmosphere.
  • Accommodation – Extend your stay with comfortable accommodation options nearby. Relax in cozy lodges or charming bed-and-breakfasts, ensuring a restful night’s sleep after a day of wine tasting and exploration.
  • Stunning Views – Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to soak in the breathtaking views of the vineyards and surrounding landscapes. Capture the beauty of the region and create lasting memories.

Giuaani Winery offers not just a taste of exceptional wines but a complete experience. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, our winery’s infrastructure ensures a memorable visit.

How to get there:

Giuaani Winery is situated in the historic village of Manavi, within the scenic Kakheti region of Georgia. To reach this exquisite winery and experience its rich heritage of winemaking, follow these directions:

  • By Car: The most convenient way to get to Giuaani Winery from Tbilisi is by car. Start by heading east on Kakheti Highway toward Sighnaghi. As you drive through the picturesque landscapes of Kakheti, keep an eye out for signs of Manavi.
  • Public Transportation: Alternatively, you can take a public bus or minivan from Tbilisi to the town nearest to Manavi, which is Sighnaghi or Gurjaani. During your drive, you will pass through the village of Manavi.

Useful tips:

  • Reservations: It’s advisable to make a reservation in advance, especially during peak seasons. This ensures you have a spot for wine tasting and any guided tours you might want to participate in.
  • Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking around the winery and vineyards. You might explore the premises, so comfortable attire is key.
  • Guided Tours: Consider taking a guided tour of Giuaani Winery. Knowledgeable guides can provide insights into the winemaking process, history, and the unique features of the winery.
  • Tasting Experience: Take your time during the wine tasting. Savor the flavors, and don’t hesitate to ask questions about the wines you’re trying. Giuaani Winery’s staff is happy to share their expertise.
  • Photography: Capture the beauty of the winery and its surroundings with your camera. Giuaani Winery offers picturesque views, and you’ll want to remember your visit.
  • Shop for Souvenirs: Giuaani Winery likely has a shop where you can purchase their wines as souvenirs. Consider buying a bottle or two to take home and enjoy later.
  • Enjoy Responsibly: While wine tasting is a delightful experience, remember to enjoy the wines responsibly. Know your limits and savor the flavors without overindulging.
  • Check Operating Hours: Before heading to Giuaani Winery, check their operating hours. Wineries often have specific hours for visits and tastings.

By following these tips, you’ll ensure a memorable and enjoyable visit to Giuaani Winery, where you can immerse yourself in the world of Georgian winemaking and savor the unique flavors of the region.

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