Dartlo is a Unique, mysterious, fabulous, and extraordinary village of Tusheti. The village is located 1850 meters above sea level on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. When you are there, you feel like you are a passenger in the past. This fairytale village is 15 km further from the administrative center of Tusheti – Omalo. With its dry stone and slate roofing – Dartlo leaves an indelible impression on visitors. Here residents have sustained their ancestors’ culture and pattern of life.

Sustaining vernacular architecture – fortress-houses, usually attached to fortified towers – was very important. As this is what attracts visitors and improves the livability and hospitality of the place and its residents.

There are both Pagan and Christian religious buildings in Dartlo, which are both considered sacred. There is also a place which used to be a court. Only a few families stay the whole year in Dartlo. Most of the population leaves the village before it snows and takes their sheep back to Kakheti.

You can have different kinds of activities around Dartlo. But the first thing to do is go up to village Kvavlo overlooking Dartlo. Just a short walk but ascent from 1850 to 2150m. That’s from where eagles fly to the Caucasus mountains. For more information about this village, you can visit the web of the Agency of Protected Areas.

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