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Tusheti Jeep Tour 4 days

Tusheti, Georgia


4 days 3 nights

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Daily Tour

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12 people




Tusheti Jeep Tour 4 Days – Overnights in guesthouses. On this tour you will see Alaverdi Cathedral and three Tushetian valleys: Chagma, Pirikiti, and Gometsari.

Brief information about Tusheti

Tusheti is a mountainous region in the northeastern part of Georgia, in the Caucasus Mountains. Stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and unique Tushetian architecture make Tusheti very popular among visitors. The region is inhabited by the Tush people. They have their own language, customs, and traditions.

This part of Georgia is located in the Kakheti region, Akhmeta municipality (900-4800m above sea level). And so, it is home to several peaks over 4,000 meters, including the highest peak in the region, Mount Diklo (4,620 meters). The area is also famous for its mineral springs and healing mud baths.

Traditional Tushetian architecture is a distinctive feature of the region. Moreover, the houses are made of stone and wood with sloping roofs and balconies decorated with intricate carvings. Many of these buildings date back to the medieval period.

Tusheti is a popular destination for hikers, trekkers, and nature lovers. Several well-marked trails lead through the mountains and valleys. The region is also known for its hospitality. Therefore, visitors can experience the local culture by staying in traditional guesthouses and trying  delicious Tushetian cuisine.

Also, the area of Tusheti is under environmental protection, being part of Tusheti Protected Areas (1137 sq km).

Jeep Tour in Tusheti

Taking a Jeep tour in Tusheti is a popular way to explore this remote and rugged region of Georgia. The tour typically involves traveling in a sturdy 4×4 vehicle along winding mountain roads, which can be challenging and treacherous in places.

The Jeep tour allows visitors to experience the stunning natural beauty of Tusheti, from the high peaks and deep gorges to the alpine meadows and forests. There are opportunities along the way to stop and take in the views, visit traditional Tushetian villages, and learn about the local culture and way of life.

One of the highlights of our Jeep tour in Tusheti is the chance to visit the ancient village of Dartlo, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This well-preserved village is a great example of traditional Tushetian architecture, with stone houses, narrow streets, and a centuries-old fortified tower.

Another popular stop on the tour is the village of Omalo, which is the administrative center of Tusheti. Here, visitors can see the local museum, which features exhibits on the history and culture of the region, as well as traditional handicrafts and artifacts.

Overall, a Jeep tour in Tusheti is an exciting and unforgettable way to experience the beauty and culture of this remote and fascinating part of Georgia.

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  • Picturesque villages of Tusheti: Upper Omalo, Lower Omalo, Dartlo, Kvavlo, Parsma, Girevi, Bochorna, Dochu, Jvarboseli, Shenako and Diklo
  • Towes and Castles: Keselo Towers, Towers of Parsma, Pichekhi castle
  • Alaverdi Cathedral and Nekresi
  • Shaloshvili’s winery in Kakheti


Day 1: Tbilisi – Alaverdi – Lower Omalo – Shenako – Diklo – Pichekhi Castles
At 7 am, a departure from Tbilisi to the direction of Alaverdi Cathedral through the Gombori pass.
After visiting the Alaverdi Cathedral, you’ll drive in the direction of Tusheti. On the way, we’ll have lunch in nature. Even the road takes 7 hours from Tbilisi you will not feel tired. All the time of driving it will be unbelievable views of the Caucasus mountains, covered with plenty of springs, and some glaciers.
Around 14:00, we’ll reach the guest house in Upper Omalo. From here will start the second round of your adventures.
After a short rest, we’ll drive and visit Shenako and Diklo. Shenako is one of the most beautiful villages of Тusheti, with its proud history and local people. In Diklo we’ll walk to Pichekhi Castles. It was the main fortress on the border of Dagestan, which left one of the saddest histories.
After a memorable day, you will arrive in Upper Omalo to stay in a guest house, where we’ll have dinner, with chacha and wine tasting and free time to relax. (HB)

Driving distance: 235 km; Time: 8 hours. Walking distance: 5 km; time: 2 hours. 
Minimal altitude: 280 m; Maximal altitude: 2867 
Day 2: Pirikiti gorge–Dartlo–Dano–Kvavlo-Chesho–Parsma
At 9 am, we’ll have breakfast;
After breakfast, we’ll arrive in Pirikiti valley to see the villages: Dartlo, Dano, Kvavlo, Chesho, and Parsma. We’ll have lunch in nature;
At about 7 pm, we’ll arrive back at the guest house, where we will have dinner and free time to relax; (FB)

Driving distance: 70 km; Time: 4 hours. Walking distance: 4 km; time: 3 hours. 
Minimal altitude: 1700 m; Maximal altitude: 2100 m
Day 3: Gometsari gorge
At 9 am, we’ll have breakfast;
After breakfast, We will drive to see the highest settlement in Europe – Bochorna. (2345-2400 m).
Later we will have a great view of Village Dochu, Begela, and Iliurta. From Jvarboseli we will have a 1-hour trek to Kolkata.
At about 7 pm, we’ll arrive back at the guest house, where we will have dinner and free time to relax; (FB)

Driving distance: 70 km; Time: 4 hours. Walking distance: 4 km; time: 1 hour. 
Minimal altitude: 1700 m; Maximal altitude: 2345 m
Day 4: Kvemo Omalo–Museum in lower Omalo– Shaloshvili’s winery in Kakheti- Tbilisi
At 9 am, we’ll have breakfast;
After breakfast, you will visit the museum in Lower Omalo. Up to your request drive to Kakheti where you will have a wine tasting in the Shaloshvili winery. Lunch in nature.
After all, we’ll arrive back in Tbilisi. So the Jeep tour in Tusheti is finished. (HB)

Driving distance: 260 km; Time: 8 hours. Walking distance: 1 km; time: 0.5 hours. 
Minimal altitude: 280 m; Maximal altitude: 2867 m


  • Transportation with an English or Russian-speaking guide
  • Guesthouses and meals as it is described by the itinerary
  • Shaloshvili’s winery in Kakheti
  • Price for souvenirs
  • Price for horse riding upon your request
  • All other additional costs

Tour's Location

Tusheti, Georgia


When is the best time for Jeep tour?
Generally, the road to Tusheti opens at the end of May and the season lasts until the end of October.
What kind of Guesthouses are there in Tusheti?
In Tusheti, guesthouses are clean and cozy places with simple facilities. Most of them have private bathrooms. To have some images you can see the pictures here
What kind of clothes do we need?
Raincoat, pants for trekking, worm sweater, trekking boots, cap, sun protection cream, shorts, t-shirt.
Is there any pharmacy in Tusheti?
In Tusheti there is no pharmacy. So if someone has a specific disease and is treated with a special drug, then he has to buy in Tbilisi before starting the tour or must have it with him.
What if I have special diet?
A vegetarian option is available. If you have any kind of allergy or intolerance, let us know in advance.
What about meal?
Georgian cuisine is diverse and very tasty. Meat, dairy, and vegetables are the most common ingredient of Tushetian cuisine. If you are vegetarian or vegan, please inform us before starting the tour, and the guesthouse will prepare meals to your taste.
What about payment?
An invoice will be sent to you after the tour is confirmed. You pay a 10% commission upfront to our PayPal account. The fee is refunded only if the tour is canceled for our reasons or due to natural disasters. Otherwise, the commission is not refundable.
You pay the remaining 90% at the start of the tour.


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Kaha Kvitsiani

July 15, 2023
Four days in Tusheti was an amazing experience and Roma is the best guide in Georgia.
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