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Explore Tusheti: A 3-Day Jeep Tour Adventure

Tusheti, Georgia


3 days 2 nights

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Daily Tour

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12 people




Immerse yourself in the majesty of Tusheti with our exhilarating 3-day Jeep tour. Traverse rugged landscapes and ancient villages on this unforgettable journey into the heart of the Caucasus. Explore the untamed beauty of Tusheti, where each turn unfolds a new chapter of natural wonders. Join us for an epic exploration, where adventure meets the serenity of a remote paradise.


Tusheti, nestled in the northeastern part of Georgia amid the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike. Known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and unique Tushetian architecture, this mountainous region beckons travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Geographical Insights: Situated in the Kakheti region, Akhmeta municipality, Tusheti spans elevations from 900 to 4800 meters above sea level. This territory boasts several peaks over 4,000 meters, with Mount Diklo towering at 4,620 meters. Beyond the heights, Tusheti is renowned for its mineral springs and healing mud baths, adding therapeutic allure to its already captivating landscape.

Architectural Marvels: The traditional Tushetian architecture stands as a testament to the region’s historical richness. Stone and wood define the houses, characterized by sloping roofs and balconies adorned with intricate carvings. Many of these architectural gems date back to the medieval period, offering a glimpse into Tusheti’s enduring past.

Tusheti’s Allure for Adventurers

Hiking Trails: For hikers, trekkers, and nature lovers, Tusheti presents a paradise of well-marked trails meandering through mountains and valleys. These trails are tailor-made for one-day hiking tours, providing an immersive experience in the heart of Tusheti’s natural wonders.

Hospitality and Cuisine: The warmth of Tushetian hospitality unfolds as visitors choose to stay in traditional guesthouses. This not only offers an authentic cultural experience but also introduces them to the delicious cuisine of Tusheti.

Environmental Stewardship: Preserving Tusheti’s natural beauty is a priority shown through the Tusheti Protected Areas, covering 1137 sq km.

Jeep Tour in Tusheti: Explore an Unparalleled Adventure

Unique Exploration: While Tusheti offers a myriad of exploration options, a Jeep Tour stands out as a thrilling and efficient way to navigate this remote and rugged region. Traversing winding mountain roads in a sturdy 4×4 vehicle, participants encounter challenging and treacherous terrain that adds an extra layer of excitement to the journey.

Natural Beauty Unveiled: The Jeep tour unfolds like a canvas of natural beauty, showcasing high peaks, deep gorges, alpine meadows, and dense forests. Along the route, participants have the opportunity to pause, absorb the breathtaking views, visit traditional Tushetian villages, and gain insights into the local culture and way of life.

Notable Stops: A highlight of the Jeep tour is the visit to the ancient village of Dartlo, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This remarkably preserved village epitomizes traditional Tushetian architecture, featuring stone houses, narrow streets, and a centuries-old fortified tower.

Another essential stop is the administrative center of Tusheti, the village of Omalo. Here, visitors can explore the local museum, showcasing the region’s history and culture, along with traditional handicrafts and artifacts.

Planning Your Tusheti Adventure

For More Tours:

In conclusion, a 3-day Jeep tour is a great opportunity to explore Tusheti. It’s an exciting and unforgettable way to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of this remote and fascinating part of Georgia.

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Day 1: Tbilisi–Alaverdi–Omalo–Keselo Castles–Dochu
* Depart from Tbilisi and embark on a scenic journey to Tusheti.
* Enroute visit Alaverdi Monastery, soaking in its historical and architectural significance.
* Enjoy lunch on the picturesque road to Tusheti.
* Reach Upper Omalo by approximately 3 pm.
* Take a short break and explore the charming village of Dochu, nestled in Gometsri Gorge.
* Return to the guest house for a delightful lunch and dinner.

Driving distance: 230 km; Time: 8 hours.
Walking distance: 2 km; time: 1 hour.
Minimal altitude: 280 m; Maximal altitude: 2867 m.
Day 2: Pirikiti Valley–Dartlo–Dano–Kvavlo-Chesho–Parsma-Girevi
* After breakfast, set out to discover the beauty of Pirikiti Valley.
* Explore the picturesque villages of Dartlo, Kvavlo, Dano, Chesho, Parsma, and Girevi.
* Return to the guesthouse for lunch and relax amid the serene surroundings.

Driving distance: 70 km; Time: 4 hours.
Walking distance: 4 km; Time: 3 hours.
Minimal altitude: 1700 m; Maximal altitude: 2100 m.
Day 3: Lower Omalo–Shenako–Diklo–Pichekhi Castles
* Begin the day with a visit to Lower Omalo.
* Explore the unique villages of Shenako and Diklo.
* Witness the impressive Pichekhi Castle on the Russian Federation border.
* Drive back to Tbilisi, marking the end of the Tusheti Jeep Tour.

Driving distance: 250 km; Time: 8 hours.
Walking distance: 2 km; Time: 1 hour.
Minimal altitude: 280 m; Maximal altitude: 2867 m.


  • Guesthouses
  • Meals included in the itinerary
  • Transportation with Local driver-Guide
  • Note: Professional English or Russian speaking guide is an Extra option
  • Price for souvenirs
  • Price for horse riding upon your request
  • All other additional costs

Tour's Location

Tusheti, Georgia


When is the best time for Jeep tour?
Generally, the road to Tusheti opens at the end of May and the season lasts until the end of October.
What kind of Guesthouses are there in Tusheti?
In Tusheti, guesthouses are clean and cozy places with simple facilities. Most of them have private bathrooms.
What kind of clothes do we need?
Raincoat, pants for trekking, worm sweater, trekking boots, cap, sun protection cream, shorts, t-shirt.
Is there any pharmacy in Tusheti?
In Tusheti there is no pharmacy. So if someone has a specific disease and needs a special drug, then he has to buy in Tbilisi or must have it with him.
What if I have special diet?
A vegetarian option is available. If you have any kind of allergy or intolerance, let us know in advance.
What about meals?
During trekking, full board meals are included. First and last day you will have breakfast and lunch only.
What about payment?
An invoice will be sent to you after the tour is confirmed. You pay a 10% commission upfront to our PayPal account. The fee is refunded only if the tour is canceled for our reasons or due to natural disasters. Otherwise, the commission is not refundable.
You pay the remaining 90% at the start of the tour.


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