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Drink Wine and Raise Elevation 3 Days

Stepantsminda, Georgia


3 days 2 nights

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Daily Tour

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15 people




The heart of Georgia beckons to those seeking an unparalleled voyage filled with historical magnificence, cultural vibrancy, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Our meticulously designed 3-day ‘Drink Wine and Raise Elevation’ tour is a gateway to the best of Georgian heritage. From the ancient allure of cave towns and historic monuments to the opulent vineyards of Kakheti, this exclusive experience is complemented by the serene ambiance of highland life in Tbilisi.

Day One: Exploring Kakheti’s Historic Treasures

Departing from Tbilisi, our odyssey begins with a scenic traverse through the Gombori range, leading us to Kakheti. Delve into the region’s rich heritage, starting with the revered Ujarma Fortress, a symbol of bygone eras. Our journey unfolds further as we visit Ikalto Monastery, housing a VI century, and offering a serene peek into the region’s spiritual history.

Progressing through time, we venture towards the Gremi Fortress, epitomizing Kakheti’s former glory as its capital during the XV-XVII centuries. Savor an exquisite wine-tasting experience at Kvareli, Corporation Kindzmarauli, or opt for a delightful dinner at a local eatery. Culminating the day’s exploration is the charming late-medieval town of Sighnaghi, established in the XVII century, radiating an essence of South Kakheti.

Day Two: Timeless Wonders of Uplistsikhe, Gori, and Borjomi

Our second day unfolds with a diverse exploration, taking us to Uplistsikhe, an ancient town sculpted from rock, tracing back to the 6th century BC. This mesmerizing site unravels architectural marvels nestled within rock formations, offering a glimpse into a historical epoch.

Continuing our journey, we proceed to Gori, the birthplace of Stalin, before venturing to Borjomi. Here, amidst mesmerizing natural beauty, revel in the esteemed Georgian mineral water, celebrated for its refreshing properties and health benefits.

Day Three: Highland Grandeur and Spiritual Marvels

The culmination of our tour leads us to Stepantsminda and the iconic Gergeti Holy Trinity Church. Traveling the ancient Georgian military road, we encounter an array of scenic treasures, including the Zhinvali water reservoir, the Ananuri Complex, and the Gudauri viewpoint, each offering awe-inspiring panoramic vistas.

As we ascend through the great Caucasus range via the Jvari Pass, an unforgettable landscape unfolds, adorned by towering mountains and winding gorges. The day’s pinnacle rests in beholding the majestic Kazbegi mountain, a testimony to nature’s grandeur.

Conclusion: The Tapestry of Georgian Splendor

Our ‘Drink Wine and Raise Elevation’ tour is a testament to Georgia’s allure, encapsulating its historical richness and natural beauty. This thoughtfully curated journey aims to immerse visitors in the essence of this ancient land. From the sun-kissed vineyards of Kakheti to the captivating mountain vistas, each moment weaves a chapter in Georgia’s profound narrative.

Join us on this captivating expedition and relish the distinct flavors of Georgian history, wine, and highland grandeur.

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  • Fortresses: Ujarma Fortress, Ananuri Fortress.
  • Monasteries: Ikalto monastery, Gremi Complex, Holly trinity church of Gergeti.
  • Cave towns: Uplistsikhe.
  • Cities: Telavi, Kvareli, Sighnaghi, Gori, Borjomi.


Day 1: Day tour in Kakheti
Driving over the Gombori Pass. Visiting Ujarma Fortress, Ikalto monastery, Telavi, Gremi, Kvareli, and Sighnagi. In Kvareli will have a wine tasting. Also up to your request, we will have dinner here.
Day 2: Day Tour to Uplistsikhe Gori and Borjomi
Driving to Uplistsikhe, Gori, and Borjomi. In Borjomi up to your request, you can have 1 hour Quadro cycle tour to Waterfall or spring-fed swimming pools. There is a possibility to have a good dinner in Borjomi
Day 3: Kazbegi Day Tour
Driving to Kazbegi. Visiting: Jinvali reservoir, Ananuri Complex, Viewpoint in Gudauri, Gergeti holy trinity church, and Gveleti waterfalls. Up to your request, you can have rafting on the way and paragliding in Gudauri. In this case, there will be not enough time to visit waterfalls. It's possible to have dinner in Stepantsminda.


  • English or Russian speaking driver guide.
  • Entrance tickets for Ujarma Fortress, Gremi Complex, Nekresi, Uplistsikhe, and Borjomi Park.
  • Wine testing fee in Kvareli.
  • Meals in restaurants.
  • Price for rafting, Quadro biking, or Paragliding.
  • Price for souvenirs.
  • All additional costs.

Tour's Location

Stepantsminda, Georgia


Where to eat?
All there is a big choice of Restaurants during a tour. The guide will explain the difference between them. The tour price doesn't include the meals so it's up to you which one to visit.
Can we have a Quadro bike tour?
Yes, you can! There are 3 different options.
One is Near Ananuri Complex. The price is 150 GEL per person.
The second is a short ride near the Gudauri viewpoint. The price is 70 GEL per person.
The third is in Borjomi 1 hour ride and the price is 200 GEl per person.
Is it possible to have a rafting?
Yes, it's possible near Pasanauri. Price per person is 50 GEL.
What about Paragliding?
There is an option to Have a Paragliding in Gudauri. The price per person is 300 GEL.
What about clothing?
Depends on which season you are traveling and what kind of activities are you adding to the tour.

Commonly during the tour, you will visit some churches and monasteries. So women Should necessarily have a headband. To enter the monasteries, pants are essential for a man.

If you will have a rafting tour please have some extra clothes to change. You will definitely get wet.

If you will choose Paragliding, have something worm-like a jacket. It's cold at high altitudes.

Please Have easy trekking shoes. You have to walk to the waterfalls.


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