Atsunta Pass Trekking


Duration: 7 days

Number of tourists: Unlimited

Driving distance: 450 km

Walking distance: 70 km

Khevsureti is historical province in high mountains, north-east Georgia, on the both slopes of great Caucasus range. Tusheti is located on the north slopes of great Caucasus range, from the west it borders with Khevsureti, and these provinces are divided by Atsunta range. North is Chechnia, border is on Pirikita range, and on the east is Dagestan, border is on Akazma range. So, surrounded from all sides by ranges, Tusheti itself is divided into 3 gorges. So there are Gometsari gorge,Pirikita gorge and Chanchakhovani gorge. In Gometsari gorge there are two communities – Gometsari and Tsovata. Tsovata community earlier used to be Chechnians and then assimilated to Georgians. In Pirikita gorge is piricita comunity and in Chanchakhovani gorge – Chagma comunity. Historically Tush people are those who had emigrated from provinces Pshavi and Khevsureti, during characterization of highland regions. Those emigrants choosed to live in high mountains to keep their pagan religion against Christianity. Baptism of Tusheti happened later, but there still Christianity is mixed up with pagan traditions. Tusheti territory is national park.

Attention: It is strongly prohibited to take to Tusheti any food made from pork, anything made from pig’s skin!!! It is tradition.

Atsunta Pass Trekking Tour starts in Khevsureti. Transportation to Ardoti, on the way tourists will see Mutso and Shatili. After visiting Ardoti, tourists will trek by Khonischala gorge to Atsunta pass 3487 meters above sea level, and come down in Tusheti, Pirikita gorge. Tourists will visit villages Girevi, Parsma, Chesho, Dartlo, Kvavlo with original architecture. After go to Omalo, and from there make one day hiking to village Diklo. After tourists will return to Tbilisi by transport. Tour duration is 7 days. One day may be added for hiking from Shatili to Ardoti. During this trekking, tourists will see the most isolated regions of Caucasus, with it’s ancient traditions, kept untouched by modern world.

Possible period: July – September

I Day: Tbilisi – Shatili – Mutso – Ardoti

  • Transportation to Shatili, then to Mutso and Ardoti. Walk in these villages.
  • Wilderness Camping

II Day: Khonichala gorge – Atsunta pass

  • Trekking to Khonichala gorge.
  • Wilderness Camping in bottom of the pass.

III Day: Atsunta pass – Parsma

  • Trekking over the pass.
  • Visiting village Parsma
  • Wilderness Camping

IV Day: Chesho –Dartlo – Kvavlo – Dano

  • Trekking to Dartlo.
  • Walk in Dartlo, Kvavlo and Dano.
  • Overnight at a guesthouse in Dartlo

V Day: Upper Omalo – Keselo towers

  • Trekking (without backpacks) to Omalo.
  • Walk to Keselo towers.
  • Overnight at a guesthouse in Upper Omalo

VI Day: Lower Omalo – Shenako – Diklo

  • Trekking to Lower Omalo, Shenako and Diklo.
  • Return back to Omalo and overnight at a guesthouse.

VII Day: Transfer

  • Return to Tbilisi International Airport (We also can have a tour to Vashlovani protected area, but it depends on your flight schedule)

PRICE INCLUDES: Transfer to Ardoti with English and Russian speaking guide; Hiking guide; Guesthouse in Dartlo with 2 meals and one lunch (1 night); Guesthouse in Omalo 2 meals and one lunch per day (2 nights); Lunches during the trek from Ardoti till Dartlo; Horses for taking the luggage from Ardoti till Dartlo; Guide for horses; Luggage transportation Dartlo-Omalo

PRICE DOESN’T INCLUDE: Price for souvenirs