Georgia has a very diverse geography and climate. The east differs vastly from the west, while the different mountain regions and coast have their microclimates. Therefore, trying to figure out the best season to visit Georgia is quite difficult. Nevertheless, I will give you brief information about the climate and all seasons of Georgia based on my opinion.

The Climate in Georgia

Georgia has a Mediterranean climate, with subtropical conditions on the Black Sea coast. There are four seasons in Georgia, but spring and autumn mostly are short, while in many parts of the country Summer lingers well into September. Areas at higher elevations have prolonged winters. At the same time, the major cities of Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi are mild the whole year.

The east of Georgia is dry. Summers are very hot and winters, with less snow, but quite cold. Parts of Northern Georgia as Svaneti, Racha, Khevi, Khevsureti, and Tusheti more often are under snow. The southern part, like Samtskhe-Javakheti, is also whitewashed with snow.  The west part is warmer but wetter and more humid.

As for Tbilisi, spring and autumn are relatively short. Summers are very hot. Sometimes, temperatures can push 40 degrees for several consecutive days. Compering a mountain region of Georgia, winter is wormer, basically within plus 5-10 degrees. Minus temperatures are very rare. Snow rarely falls. It comes on average once in 3-4 years, even for a few days. The horrible month is November. This time is neither Autumn nor Winter. It is rainy and windy.

One thing the whole country has in common is that the weather can be changed too fast. Gusting winds can take the temperature up or down by 10 degrees in a matter of days, and storms and impenetrable fog can roll in extremely quickly. So you should be prepared for that kind of experience.

Advice: is a great web for weather forecasts.

Summer season in Georgia

→ Best time for Adventure tours

As I already mentioned in Tbilisi and the lowlands, summer is dependably hot. The highest temperatures start in the mid of July and last until the end of August. Most locals promptly leave the cities, heading to the mountain or the coast.

But there are a few advantages:

  • Firstly in summer, Tbilisi is empty of locals. There is less traffic gam and relatively easy to drive in the city.
  • Secondly, the days are much longer. The sunsets well after 9 pm by late June. So you can fit a lot more into your day.

Summer is a great time for hiking, trekking, horse riding, and jeep tours in mountains. The wildflowers are out and daytime temperatures are pleasant, while evenings bring short but punishing storms.

Autumn season in Georgia

→ Best time for wine & cultural tours.

As usual, September is called “the fourth month of summer”. Because temperatures remain warm.

Harvest season brings a festive feel to the entire country. Dates for the wine vintage take place in early September and lasts until early November.

Most mountain areas and trails are still accessible until early October. But it’s getting relatively cold than on a plane part.

November, until the mid of December, is windy, rainy, and fogy.

Winter season in Georgia:

→ Best time for Skiing tours.

A relatively warm winter makes Tbilisi quite pleasant. Snow is a rarity here. But there may be a few flurry days right at the end of the season.

Highlands are closed, but mountain areas that are still accessible by road are a winter wonderland. The highways to Kazbegi, Svaneti, Upper Adjara, and Racha remain open throughout winter. It’s only closing temporarily if there’s an avalanche.

Ski season is at its peak in Gudauri, Bakuriani, Goderdzi, Hatsvali, and Tetnuldi in February. Usually, it starts from mid-December and runs through until April.

Spring season in Georgia

→ Best time for day and weekend tours.

Spring is very different in every region of Georgia. In the plain part when powder-pink cherry and plum blossoms start to appear, in the mountains still is snow.

The day is getting longer. The weather is warmer. Nights remain pleasantly cool until early June.  But rain is common in most parts of the country. It can put a dampener on your plans.

Spring is the time when vintners open their Clay Qvevri for the first taste of last year’s wine. This is a wonderful tradition to observe. The New Wine festival takes place in Tbilisi in May. Hundreds of winemakers from around the country are promoting their wine for tastings.

On the Black Sea coast, spring is grey and wet. It’s still too brisk for any serious hiking in the Greater Caucasus. Instead, spring is better suited to hiking or horse-ride at lower elevations around Borjomi, Lagodekhi, and Vashlovani national parks.


Georgia offers something different in every season. So when you choose to visit depends on your interests and priorities. Here are some general recommendations for the Best season to visit Georgia:

  • Lower elevations hiking: April to October
  • High mountain trekking: June to September
  • Horse riding: April to October
  • Cities, culture & wine: April/May or September/October
  • Beaches: June to September
  • Skiing: January to March
  • Luxury hotels: November 🙂

Overall, I love all months in Georgia except November. But May and June are my favorite months of the year. Even though spring weather can be volatile, temperatures are pleasant throughout most of the country. June is continuing the spring from the lower parts of Georgia to the highland mountains. So the Best season to visit Georgia for me is the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer.

Advice: is a great travel blog for people who wants to travel in Georgia.