Lisi Lake in Tbilisi. Located in the northwest of the city, at an altitude of 615-730 meters above sea level. The surface area is about 0.47 sq. km. It is one of the most popular recreation areas, especially for locals. The territory of the lake is noted for the most interesting and diverse fauna in Tbilisi.


In winter, it’s almost empty. Most shops and bars are closed. Even though the lake is reachable the whole year, the real season starts in the middle of March and ends at the end of October.


The lake is a popular resting place for water sports and fishing lovers. Nearby is also A sulfur bath.


Me with my small kid
With my small kid


A long line of unhappy parents
A long line of unhappy parents

Infrastructure around the Lake:

  • Walking and cycling paths, the length of which is 3 kilometers.
  • Open-type café bars.
  • Children’s and sports entertainment spaces. Also, climbing walls for kids.
  • Rental places for bicycles.
  • Small beach near the lake.
  • Picnic areas around the forested area, with a view of a lake.

How to get to Lisi Lake:

  • Public Bus N 329 and N 332 from Station Square, N388 from Baratashvili Avenue. Price: 1 GEL
  • Marshrutka (Minivans).  Price: 1 GEL
  • Taxi. The price depends on the starting point and will be no more than 15-20 GEL
  • By Car or Bike.

Useful Tips:

Just have a bottle of water with you, otherwise will stand at least half an hour in a long line to buy it.

If you are with kids, don’t forget to buy the snacks for them before, or will still clash with a long line of unhappy parents.

For a picnic choose the northern side of the lake. There is a small forest with a good view of a lake and some shadows.

If you are with kids be patient on walking and cycling paths. There is a chaotic movement. No one follows the rules.

Tours via Lisi Lake

Lisi Lake on a Map