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Correspondence has begun. To my surprise, the tourists neither started to bargain nor even asked for the price. Only an avalanche of questions about the weather and road conditions followed…

I assured them that the weather will be fine and that the forecasts for Georgian mountains do not have the same accuracy as the ones in Europe. After the fifth question about the weather, I seriously considered taking them to another region instead of Tusheti, because all of my reassurance about the weather seemed not to be understood.

Surprisingly, instead of a sixth question about the weather a confirmation of doing the trip followed.

Finally, they understood my intent.

I meet them at the appointed time and the tour started.

My first impression was:

They did not seem like stingy people and I could not understand why they bugged me with these endless questions about the weather. Especially if I checked the weather a thousand times and sent them all information several times.

My interest in them got bigger and I wanted to understand why they were so uncertain about the weather, without asking anything.

Seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. I started to like the couple more and more, but this question was still on my mind.

Our first stop was at the Telavi market. They bought tons of churchkhela and spices, and the smell of Svanetian salt wafted through the whole car for the rest of the trip.

We were moving closer to Tusheti, took a lot of great photos, and had lunch near the ‘Botlis Tskaro’ spring.

As we arrived at the pass, the boy asked me:

– Is the pass on 2667 meters above sea level?

I instantly realized that he was wrong by 200 meters, but why exactly 200 meters and not 205, 226, etc.?

After a short pause, I asked him the following question:

– Where did you get this height from?

The boy smiled at his girlfriend and showed me the altitude indicator on his watch.

Eureka! I have solved the secret! A Chinese watch in Tusheti… It works in its own way!

I asked him in a smiling voice, whether his powerful watch also shows the weather.

You can probably guess the answer.

From that moment on, I looked at this couple with friendly love. Within seconds, I guessed about the deep love that was between them.

I realized that even though the horseback riding tour and the Tusheti road were as interesting for the girl as boiled eggplant for me, for the sake of the boy she was ready to do everything with the help of ‘Dramina’ (a drug used to treat motion sickness and nausea)

Even though the guy was well aware of my experience, he still trusted his watch in everything because it was gifted by his love.

I saw in a split second that these people had the greatest mutual respect! A kind of warmth ran through my heart and my head reminded me of their age.

I will not say a lot, but Horse riding in Tusheti on 4 days tour became a miracle for all of us. They were my guests in Tbilisi and met my love too and our four days horse-riding tour moved from a business relationship to a lifelong friendship.

The main thing is that even the weather followed their love. A Chinese watch in Tusheti sensed that too and reduced the error to 70 meters by the end of the tour. Funnily enough, the 4-day rain forecast came true for only 5 minutes on the last day of the tour.

Even though the watch was not so accurate at beginning of the tour, I am deeply convinced that this guy will proudly use it for a long time. Their affection made the watch work more accurately.

Time to buy the same kind of watch for my wife!

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