Tusheti is a historic region in Georgia. It is the most picturesque, fascinating, and pristine high-mountain region. Located in the Kakheti region, Akhmeta municipality (900-4800m above sea level). Meanwhile, the whole area is under environmental protection as the Tusheti Protected Areas (1137 sq km). This region is on the tentative list of the UNESCO world heritage.



Road in Tusheti


The road is one of the most dangerous in the world. Moreover, BBC listed it in 10 the most dangerous roads in the world. The road goes on the 45% degree up to 3000 meters over into the first Chanchakhovani gorge. It is open for 4WD from about late May to mid-October. However, the ride to Omalo from Telavi takes about 5 hours – it’s a short distance (105km).


Summits and Valleys


Summits in Tusheti aren’t as high as in Svaneti. Therefore, here is the list of 3 highest summits of Tusheti:


  • Tebulo (4492m above sea level)
  • Diklo ( 4285m above sea level)
  • Borbalo ( 3294m above sea level)


Tusheti has three main valleys – the Pirikiti Alazani Chanchakhoani Alazani, and Gomtsari Alazani. however, all revers meet below Omalo and flow east into Dagestan (Russia). The scenery everywhere is spectacular. It is a mix of snow-covered rocky peaks, deep gorges, tower-dotted villages, and steep, grassy hillsides.


Communities and Villages


Tusheti comprises four main communities: Pirikita, Gometsari, Tsovata, and Chagma. The villages are situated 1900-2400m above sea level. Moreover, it includes about 40 deserted villages and 10 villages, where permanent inhabitants still leave. Omalo is the administrative center. Also, Bochorna is the highest settlement in Europe.


In Tusheti the unique cultural heritage sites, the ancient settlements, samples of folk handicrafts, items of everyday culture, are still preserved. Here distant flocks of sheep appear as slowly shifting patterns of white specks.


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