Tusheti trekking tour

Location: Kakheti; Tusheti

Duration: 5 days

Number of tourists: Unlimited

Driving distance: 500 km

Walking distance: 51 km

Available: June – October

Starting point: Hotel or freedom scuare

Tusheti trekking or horse riding tour 5 days –  Overnights in guesthouses. Within the tour you will be able to see: Alaverdi Cathedral, three of Tushetian valleys: Chagma, Pirikiti and Chanchakhovani; Lake Oreti.

Trekking in Tusheti is very popular tourism attraction in the area. On your demand, you can also have a horse-riding or Jeep tour around this amazing part of Georgia.

I-Day: Tbilisi – Alaverdi – Lower Omalo – Dartlo

  • 7 am the departure from Tbilisi to the direction of Alaverdi Cathedral through Gombori pass.
  • Drivin to the direction of Tusheti. Lunch in nature. Even the road takes 5 hours, you will not feel tiredness. All the time of driving you will have unbelievable views of Caucasus mountains covered with a lot of springs and some glaciers. 
  • Around 14:00 pm we’ll be in Kvemo Omalo. It’s an administrative center of Tusheti. We will need 1.5 hours to reach village Chesho. After a short rest we will drive to see villadge Parsma. 
  • Dinner and overnight at a guesthouse in Chesho (D/B/L)

Driving time 9 hours; Minimal altitude: 200m Maximal Altitude: 2960m; Walking 2 km

II-Day: Tracking or horse riding tour in Pirikiti Gorge: Dano – Kvavlo – Dartlo

  • 9 am we’ll have breakfast.
  • Trekking or horse riding to village Dano. This beautiful village with towers is standing up to Dartlo. From here are perfect views on Pirikiti gorge.  We will continue our trekking to Kvavlo and with the mountain path will come down to Dartlo. Lunch in nature. 
  • Dinner and overnight at a guesthouse in Dartlo. (D/B/L) 

Trekking or horse riding distance 16 km; Minimal altitude: 1700 m; Maximal Altitude: 2250m

III-Day: Trekking or horse riding on Unagira mountain (3050m)

  • 9 am we’ll have breakfast.
  • In case of hiking tour we’ll drive by car till Mirgvela and continue trekking in Tusheti and go to Unagira mountain. (3050m). In case of horse-riding tour we will start riding from Guesthouse. From here you will have picturesque views on both: Pirikiti and Gometsari valley. From the top of the range, you will see villages: Bochorna, Dartlo, Kvavlo and Chesho. This trekking route is the most beautiful from the middle of June until the middle of July, with flowering Rhododendron and a small lake on the top of the range. After this period flowering is over and lake disappears but the views are still impressive. Lunch in nature.
  • When we will come down to Gometsari valley, driver will pick us to Omalo.
  • Dinner and overnight at a guesthouse in Omalo. (D/B/L) 

Trekking distance 16 km; Horse riding distance: 23 km;

Minimal altitude in case of trekking: 2000 m; Maximal Altitude in case of trekking: 3050m; 

Minimal altitude in case of horse riding: 1700 m; Maximal Altitude in case of horse riding: 3050m; 

IV-Day: Trekking or horse riding tour to Oreti Lake

  • 9 am we’ll have breakfast.
  • Driving to Kumelaurta and trekking to Oreti lake. In case of horse riding tour we will start from our guesthouse. This lake is located on 2600 m high. During the walk, we will meet the shepherds and see their real life in mountains. From this mountain, you will see all Tushetian gorges with its beauty. In the evening you will come down to the village Kumelaurta full with unforgettable memories. The car will take us back to Omalo guesthouse.
  • Dinner and overnight at a guesthouse in Upper Omalo. (D/B/L) 

Trekking distance 15 km; Horse riding distance: 23 km

Minimal altitude in case of both options: 1700 m; Maximal Altitude in case of both options: 2850m

V Day: Transfer to Tbilisi

  • 9 am we’ll have breakfast.
  • Driving back to Tbilisi. 

On your demand This tour can be continued around Kakheti.

Price list for Tusheti trekking or horse-riding tour  (5 days)

PRICE INCLUDES: Transfers From/to Tbilisi with English or Russian speaking guide; Hiking guide; Guesthouse in Chesho with 2 meals and one lunch per day (1 night); Guesthouse in Dartlo with 2 meals and one lunch (1 night); Guesthouse in Omalo with 2 meals and one lunch per day (2 nights) Extra lunch for first day; Luggage transportation Chesho-Dartlo and Dartlo-Omalo; Price for horse ride and horse-guide for horse riding tour.

PRICE DOESN’T INCLUDE: Price for souvenirs;


We will need some deposit to be able to book your tour. The price is 10 % and money can be sent through PayPal. The deposit is fully refundable, if you cancel your booking, more than 30 days before, but if you cancel later, the deposit is not refunded.