Tusheti – the most beautiful part of Georgia located in the northeast of Caucasus mauntains bordered by the  Rusian Republics of Chechnya and Dagestan to the north and east. Hidden between pristine mountain peaks and valleys of the Caucasus, it has become one of the most welcoming destinations for long hikes and trekking. There is only a single 4-wheel-drive-accessible road through the 2900-meter Abano Pass from Kakheti that leads there. The weather can vary, so make sure you are well-equipped for the cold nights (even during summer)..  Tusheti is inhabited by the “tushetian” people, famous for their hospitality towards visitors.  One has to experience the beauty of Tusheti to fully appreciate its glory. Trekking, horse riding and jeep tours offered by  TUSHETILAND Travel since 2012. Book here. Find the heaven in your life!